Pvrple Gin


In this universe which is both masculine and traditional, Pvrple Gin® stands out because of its style and personality. Pvrple Gin® is rock ‘n’ roll, exclusive… and it’s even sweeter with some Griottines®! These famous little cherries soaked in liqueur, which are beyond any doubt a feminine symbol, add a touch of sensuality and indulgence. Both round and crisp, they are a cocktail’s most charming asset, taking you to a world of pleasure… Irresistible, they are the touch of extravagance that makes Pvrple Gin® unique!

Pvrple Gin® unites these two worlds, between tradition and sweet folly, and flaunts a Rock & Glam style, which can be seen from its tattooed casing and its purple color… like an indelible imprint, symbolic of an entire universe. Its design is a snapshot of sensations and the emotions experienced when tasting this gin… the meeting of Yin and Yang, with a duality between intensity and smoothness, a synergy that envelops every level of its flavor.

Model : Erika Rosagrata.